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Over the years “Shree Azad Group” has successfully made itself an inevitable part of over thousands of businessmen throughout the length and breadth of the country. "Shree Azad Group" is a conglomerate of 4 companies and the parent company (Shree Azad Transport Co. Pvt. Ltd.) came into being in the year 1957, in the state of Bihar.

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Project Logistics

Shree Azad Group is an industry leader in handling and successfully executing the challenging task of shipping oversized and heavy-lift project freight.

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Domestic Freight Services

With our extensive experience and country-wide network of service providers, we offer integrated solutions for all your supply chain needs at the domestic level.

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Supply Chain Logistics

With more than 16 years of experience in the logistics industry and an extensive line-up of resources spread across multiple countries and industry segments, we deliver turnkey solutions especially customized for your supply chain.

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SHREE AZAD GROUP has instituted rate contracts with large business houses, which are renewed and assessed regularly based on market conditions and fuel cost inflation. We are confident in carrying items to remote places since we have a significant transit share in East India. Shree Azad Group transport 1,000 metric tons of products and parcels per vehicle annually, utilizing both our own and contract-based vehicles.


1.Time Efficiency: Our easy procedures assure on-time delivery, minimizing lead times and increasing production for your business.
2.Cost Savings: Our logistics solutions reduce operating expenditures through A1 transportation routes, cargo transportation, and resource allocation, saving you money.
3.Scalability and Flexibility: Our refined logistics infrastructure adjusts to different quantities, allowing you to handle fluctuating demand and capitalize on development prospects in India.
4.Supply Chain Visibility: Transparency in the supply chain is provided through real-time tracking, reporting tools, and proactive communication, allowing you to make wise decisions and optimize inventory management in India.
5.Customer Satisfaction: Our dependable logistics assure timely product availability, allowing you to provide a smooth experience for your consumers, nurture loyalty, and achieve a competitive advantage in the Indian market.

Book Hassle-free All India Transport Service

Shree Azad Group’s smooth service will make your all-India transportation stress-free. Our simplified booking process offers effortless experience while shipping goods or relocating. You can rely on the Biggest Transport Company in India for on-time delivery of your goods and consignments, secure handling, and real-time GPS tracking. We simplify logistics from start to finish, giving you peace of mind. Trust Shree Azad Group to handle your transportation needs and ensure a pleasant and effective shipment.


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Project Logistics

Minimum transit times in
fully loaded transport units.

We carry 1000 Metric Tonnes of goods and parcels per vehicle/per year. We have a vast fleet of lorries which helps us cater to the market demand.


How do I book Transportation Service with Shree Azad Group?
You can book a transportation service with Shree Azad Group - the Largest Transport Company in India by visiting our website or contacting our customer service team. We offer an easy-to-use online booking system and our team of professionals are dedicated to help you at each step.
What types of goods can I transport with Shree Azad Group?
Shree Azad Group offers multiple transport options for various product needs, including commercial products, home items, industrial products, and more. We deliver to different transportation requirements, ensuring safe and on-time delivery.
How does Shree Azad Group ensure the safety and security of my goodsS?
We value the safety and security of your valuables at this Biggest Transport Company in India. Our experts take great care in the packaging, loading, and unloading operations. In addition, we use innovative tracking systems and stringent quality control processes to ensure that your items arrive in perfect condition.
Can I track the progress of my shipment while it is in transit?
Yes, Shree Azad Group does offer real-time tracking. Once your package is en route, you may check its status online or call our customer service. This keeps you updated on your products' location and projected delivery time.
What regions in India does Shree Azad Group cover for its all-India transport service?
Shree Azad Group provides All India Transport Service in all regions of India. Our vast network includes major cities, towns, and outlying locations, assuring full coverage and connectivity across the country, whether North, North East, East, or West.
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Shree Azad Carrying Pvt.Ltd.