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Logistic Services in Delhi

The Epitome of Success: Shree Azad Group's
Unbeatable Performance

Delhi is the capital city of India and one of the world's most populated cities. It is a significant trading and commercial hub, and as such, it has a booming logistics industry. Logistics services in Delhi are important to the city's economic success. They contribute to the effective and efficient on-time delivery of goods and consignments, which is critical for businesses of all kinds.

About Shree Azad Group

Since 1952, the Shree Azad Group has dedicated itself to transportation and logistics, guiding our clients to ship their goods and consignments on time. Over the years, the 'Shree Azad Group' has dramatically been well-established as a prerequisite for thousands of merchants' lives nationwide.

The "Shree Azad Group" is a conglomerate of four enterprises, with the main Company (Shree Azad Transport Co. Pvt. Ltd.) founded in 1952 in Bihar. It then provided local transportation services to the whole state, transporting products for some of the biggest companies in the transportation sector at the time.

Our Logistic Services in Delhi Include:

1. Warehousing 2. Transportation 3. Full Truck Load (FTL) 4. Less than Truck Load (LTL) 5. Project Logistics 6. ODC

Shree Azad Group, one of the Top Logistics Companies in Delhi-NCR, offers these services to huge multinational companies, small and medium businesses, and even individuals. The cost of logistic services in Delhi varies based on the services required, the size and weight of the goods being transported, and the distance traveled.

There are approximately 400 branches in India, and we are expanding our network in the South part. Shree Azad Group has a fleet of 260 lorries and over 500 attached and rented lorries. Shree Azad Group, one of East India's top logistics companies, has a market share in FTL and LTL Cargo Transportation. Its market share in the corporate category in the East is at least 25%, and it is about 30% in all other segments.

Shree Azad Group transports goods ranging from edibles to household, industrial and other essential goods for the market's important players, whether small or medium businesses or multinational companies. Shree Azad Group has existing rate contracts with all major business houses, and the rate contracts are regularly renewed and reviewed based on market conditions, escalation in fuel costs, and so on.

Simply put, we have a monopoly in the transport segment, and we are proud to announce that any product to be transported to remote parts of East India must go through our Company. We transport around 1,000 Metric Tonnes of products and packages each truck every year across the country. This is accomplished through the use of our lorries as well as contract lorries based on market need.

Why Should You Choose Shree Azad Group?

  • Pocket-friendly: Logistics services in Delhi with Shree Azad Group help you save money by avoiding unnecessary warehousing and transportation equipment expenses.

  • Increase Efficiency : Top Logistics Companies in Delhi-NCR, like Shree Azad Group, help increase efficiency by giving their clients access to more resources and knowledge through their skilled professionals on board.

  • Flexibility: We boost flexibility by allowing you to adapt swiftly to changes in demand.

  • 100% Customer Satisfaction: Logistics services may assist organizations in improving customer service by offering a more dependable and consistent delivery experience.

Choosing Shree Azad Group means Choosing the Best.

Shree Azad Group stands out as an epitome of high-quality service and innovation, making it a trustworthy player in the industry. This Project Logistics in Delhi has always exceeded its clients' expectations for its dedication to providing a great service. The innovative leadership of Shree Azad Group nurtures a culture of innovation, cooperation, and honesty, drawing top people from various backgrounds. Our unwavering commitment to client satisfaction is seen in their unsurpassed quality, rapid response, and personalized approach.

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