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Supply Chain Logistics in Bihar

Driving Progress with Shree Azad Group's Impactful Supply Chain Logistics in Bihar

Syed Shahnawaz Hussain, State Industry Minister said that Supply Chain Logistics in Bihar has the potential to become the finest location for investment in the supply chain and logistics sector. He addressed this at the Economic Times’ ‘Supply Chain Management & Logistics Summit 2022’ in Delhi.

“Bihar is well connected with its neighboring states and the total market size, including its neighboring states, is 55 crore people. We also have well-developed infrastructure, huge water resources, and cheap manpower. All these provide immense potential to the companies of this sector to invest in Bihar.”

"SHREE AZAD GROUP" is a firm that offers timely, dependable, and cost-effective services that are adapted to the needs of the client. It has a massive fleet of vehicles, a large network, and skilled personnel at each station. Furthermore, the company's highly customized service solutions ensure that each customer gets exactly what they need. The company's warehouse facilities in all of the country's top locations are solely weatherproof and insured Warehouses with Truck Platform levels at all terminals.

"SHREE AZAD GROUP" continues to develop brand equity that is unique in the Indian logistics market, with its headlights trained on 100% on-time deliveries and customized, dependable services. It also features a containerized moving facility for high-value commodities.

Source: The Economic Times

Geographic Benefit: Gateway to Eastern India

Bihar, nestled in Eastern India, is well-known for its rich cultural heritage and historical significance. In recent years, Supply Chain Logistics in Bihar has emerged as a feasible location for supply chain management. Bihar has the potential to become an utmost epicenter for efficient and effective supply chain management due to its strategic geographical location, thriving industrial sectors, and expanding infrastructure.

The state shares its borders with Uttar Pradesh, Jharkhand, and West Bengal, giving easy access to a vast consumer market. Bihar is an important interlinking connection between Northern and Eastern India as it is close to major transportation hubs such as the Golden Quadrilateral and the East-West Corridor. The state has benefited the Shree Azad Group to develop a well-connected supply chain capable of serving a wide consumer base effortlessly.

Booming Manufacturing Sector

Bihar is seen as a fast industrial hub, like textiles, food processing, pharmaceuticals, and automobiles gaining traction every passing year. It is said that the state is an appealing investment arena because its government attempts to encourage industrial growth and the availability of trained professionals at cheap rates.

Supply Chain Logistics in Bihar is critical in simplifying raw material flows, coordinating manufacturing operations, and delivering completed items to the market on time. Shree Azad Group has increased output, reduced expenses, and gained a competitive edge by using good supply chain practices.

Support from the Government

The Bihar government has been engaged in encouraging investment and business-friendly policies. It provides a variety of incentives and subsidies to entice enterprises to locate manufacturing and logistical operations in the state. Furthermore, the government has launched skill development programs to build a pool of qualified individuals in the supply chain and logistics domains. Such assistance and activities provide a favorable climate for firms to launch and expand Supply Chain Logistics in Bihar.

Why Shree Azad Group?

Bihar's shift into an enticing supply chain management hub highlights the state's expanding economic potential. Bihar provides an ideal atmosphere for firms to optimize their supply chain operations due to its strategic position, plentiful agricultural resources, thriving manufacturing sector, expanding infrastructure, and government backing. Shree Azad Group has unleashed the state's potential and contributed to its economic growth while fulfilling the desires of a large consumer market by capitalizing on these prospects and implementing effective supply chain practices.

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