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Surat To Delhi Transport

Developing a Thriving Logistics Hub in Surat

Surat, a busy city is renowned for its lively culture, entrepreneurial spirit, and thriving business culture. The city has grown as a crucial logistics hub in Western hub, connecting various sectors to national and international markets. Surat to Delhi Transport Services leverages the benefits of the city’s strategic positioning and infrastructure to deliver smooth and effective logistics solutions to enterprises in multiple sectors.

Shree Azad Group is a conglomerate of four enterprises, the largest of which (Shree Azad Transport Co. Pvt. Ltd.) was created in Bihar in 1952. It then supplied local transport services throughout the state, transporting supplies for some of India's top corporations.

The Strategic Location of Surat

Surat, Gujarat is strategically nestled on the banks of the Tapi River and offers various advantages for logistical business owners. The city is inter-connected to major ports, airports, and roads allowing for convenient transportation and access to worldwide trade routes. The closeness of Surat is important to industry groups like Shree Azad Group, making it a suitable supply chain gateway.

Gujarat, Maharashtra, Goa, Madhya Pradesh, Punjab, Haryana and Rajasthan are some of the states where we have a network. There are almost 400 branches in India, and we are expanding our network in the Southern region.

Shree Azad Group has a fleet of about 260 Lorries and over 500 Attached and Rented Lorries. Shree Azad Group, one of the East India’s leading transport companies, has a market share in FTL and LTL Cargo Transportation. The market share in the corporate category in the East is at least 25% and it is about 30% in all other segments.

Shree Azad Group offers Surat to Delhi Transport goods and consignments ranging from edibles to household, industrial, and other crucial commodities for the market’s key participants, whether small and medium-sized businesses or multinational enterprises.

Connectivity & Infrastructure

Surat has a solid infrastructure that serves the logistics sector. The city boasts a large road network, train connections, and a contemporary and well-maintained transit network. Surat Airport handles domestic and international cargo, allowing for fast and effective air freight operations. Furthermore, the surrounding ports of Hazira and Dahej provide good marine access for import and export operations.

Value-added Services

We go above and beyond ordinary logistic services at Shree Azad Group to offer Surat to Delhi Transport and other value-added services that improve the efficiency and trustworthiness of supply chain. Inventory Management, Order Fulfillment, Quality Control and Full Truck Load are our services. We use technology-driven procedures and advanced tracking systems to maintain real-time visibility and transparency across the supply chain.

SHREE AZAD GROUP has existing rate contracts with all major business houses, and the rate contracts are regularly renewed and reviewed based on market conditions, escalation in fuel costs, and so on. Simply put, we have a monopoly in the transport segment, and we are proud to announce that any product to be transported to remote parts of East India must go through our Company.

We transport around 1,000 Metric Tonnes of products and packages each truck every year across the country. This is accomplished through the use of our lorries as well as contract lorries based on market need.

Customer-First Approach

We believe in long-term client relationships built on trust, dependability, and outstanding service. Our expert staff is committed to understanding your specific logistical difficulties and offering customized solutions to handle them properly. We collaborate with you to simplify your supply chain, minimize lead times, and improve overall operational efficiency.

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