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Best Transport For Orissa

From Bihar to Orissa: Shree Azad Group's Journey of Excellence in Transportation

Logistics is the core of an economy and a crucial aspect of supply chain management, which refers to an extensive network of roadways, rail, airways and waterways active in storing, managing, transporting and delivering goods and items from one point of destination to another. The logistics industry in India is estimated at $215 billion and is predicted to increase at 10.5% CAGR by 2025.

As per the Logistics Ease Across Different States (LEADS) Index 2021, Odisha has risen from 10th place in 2019 to 7th place in 2021. In the LEADS Index 2022, the state was also listed in the 'Achievers' category.
The Shree Azad Group is a conglomerate of four enterprises, the largest of which (Shree Azad Transport Co. Pvt. Ltd.) was established in Bihar in 1952. Later, it provided the Best Transport for Orissa and other states, commuting goods for some of India's largest enterprises like Siyarams, Microtek, Astral Pipes, Okaya, Baksons' Homeopathy and many more.

Finding the Best Transport for Orissa with Shree Azad

Shree Azad Group is known for its Best Transport for Orissa, highlighting the crucial and utmost characteristics and benefits of freight transportation of goods.

1. Road Transportation Because of its flexibility and accessibility, road transport is one of Orissa's most common freight solutions. Transporting products by road has various advantages, thanks to a well-connected road network and enhanced infrastructure. Shree Azad Group offers door-to-door service, allowing you to access even the most isolated areas of the state.
Furthermore, road transport provides a variety of vehicles ideal for various sorts of freight, ranging from small packages to massive cargo. We assure speedier travel times, making it suitable for time-critical goods.

2. Railways Rail commuting is another impeccable and affordable option in Orissa. Shree Azad Group leverages the benefits of goods transportation through rail, thanks to our extensive network that connects major cities and communities. We are recognized for our large carrying capacity, making us the ideal bulk cargo choice.
Generally, rail transportation is ecologically and economically beneficial as it emits less carbon dioxide and carbon footprint. Furthermore, rail transportation networks are well-integrated with ports, allowing for smooth freight movement from one destination to another.

3. Airways Some of the major firms in India that we work with demand urgent and high-value commodities, which is why Shree Azad Group is a great alternative for the efficient delivery of goods. Shree Azad's air freight is noted for its quickness, which ensures that your goods arrive on time. We have additional security features to reduce the danger of harm and loss.

4. Sea Because of Orissa's strategic coastline position, Shree Azad Group's maritime freight is an excellent choice for international trade firms. Ports like Paradhip and Dhamra offer great service for shipping your products via sea. We believe that sea freight is crucial for large and heavy goods that can be delivered on time.
We ensure that your large-scale shipments offer cost-effective long-distance transportation. Sea transport also combines effectively with other types of transportation, providing end-to-end logistical solutions.

Welcome to the Shree Azad Group

Choosing the Best Transport for Orissa depends on many criteria, including the nature of your goods, delivery dates, and financial limits. Road transportation is flexible; rail transportation is cost-effective; air freight is fast; sea freight is good for international commerce; and multi-modal transportation delivers superior logistical solutions.

Shree Azad Group's services can help you improve your company's efficiency in its supply chain by evaluating these options and considering your requirements.

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