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Best Transport For West Bengal

Shree Azad Group Excels in Transport Services Amidst West Bengal's Growth

According to Finance Minister Chandrima Bhattacharya, the state GDP is estimated to increase at 8.4% in the current financial year 2022-23, which are greater than the country’s expected growth rate. She stated that the state's planned West Bengal Logistics Policy 2023 would capitalize on the state's unique location at the crossroads of South Asian and Asian nations to establish a global logistics center.

In today’s fast-paced world, firms like Shree Azad Group are on their way to manager their supply chains and logistics effortlessly to remain competitive and ahead of the rest. Selecting the Best Transport for West Bengal, where industries thrive and commerce grows, SHREE AZAD GROUP, one of East India's leading transport companies, has a market share in FTL and LTL cargo transportation. Its market share in the corporate category in the East is at least 25%, and it is about 30% in all other segments.

Geography and Supply Chain Optimization

West Bengal's logistics and supply chain management are heavily influenced by geography. The state's physical features and strategic position provide distinct benefits to enterprises operating in the region.
Here are some major factors underlining the geographic relevance of West Bengal in logistics:

  1. West Bengal benefits from a lengthy coastline along the Bay of Bengal, making it a great site for marine commerce and logistics. Large ports such as Kolkata and Haldia allow for the smooth import and export of products, promoting international trade. The coastal advantage also allow Shree Azad Group to use coastal shipping, lowering transportation costs and congestion on road and rail networks.
  2. Numerous states, including Bihar, Jharkhand, Odisha, and Assam shares border with West Bengal. This strategic position offers good access to multiple locations making it an ideal commercial and transportation hub. The state is well-connected with ample of road and rail network, allowing for the effortless transport of goods between several states and facilitating the seamless running of supply chain activities.
  3. Kolkata, the capital city, is a significant commercial and industrial powerhouse in eastern India. Its strategic position and well-developed infrastructure make it an important logistics center.
  4. Kolkata is home to important transportation hubs such as the Netaji Subhash Chandra Bose International Airport, major railway stations like Howrah and Sealdah, and extensive road networks. The existence of well-connected metropolitan centers promotes efficient commodities transportation and acts as distribution hubs.

We understand that logistics is crucial to the success of any business at Shree Azad Group. Thus, we work very closely with our partners to provide you with cutting-edge solutions that simplify your supply chain and optimize your operations. Thanks to our extensive network and leading-edge technologies, we ensure that your goods deliver on time and in great condition.

What Makes Shree Group Unique?

Choosing the Best Transport for Bengal is crucial for optimizing the state’s supply chain and logistics efficiency. Shree Azad Group helps its customers with the optimization of their supply chain and logistics operations, gain customer satisfaction, and achieve competitive advantage in the marketplace by matching their Best Transport for West Bengal with detailed business objectives.

Road Transport

With a well-connected network of national and state roads, road transport is a preferred supply chain and logistics option in West Bengal. A large fleet of trucks and lorries, paired with excellent road infrastructure, allows for efficiently moving commodities throughout cities, towns, and rural regions.

Dedicated roadways, such as the Eastern Metropolitan Bypass and the Durgapur Motorway, improve connectivity and cut transit times, making Shree Azad Group an excellent choice for time-sensitive deliveries.


West Bengal has a vast railway network, including key junctions and freight centers. Rail transport is economical to carry bulk products and commodities across vast distances. The Kolkata railway stations of Howrah and Sealdah and the Asansol and Siliguri junctions provide great access to diverse locations in West Bengal and other states.

Shree Azad Group’s popular alternative is rail transport that helps our customers looking for cost-effective and environmentally friendly logistics solutions because of its consistent scheduling and capacity to handle big quantities.


Air transport is essential for time-sensitive and high-value items. The Netaji Subhash Chandra Bose International Airport in Kolkata is a significant air freight center in eastern India.

Air transport provides quick delivery and minimizes transit times by providing good air connectivity to domestic and international destinations. It is especially useful in areas where speed and dependability are critical, such as medicines, perishable items, and e-commerce.

Revolutionizing Logistics, Shree Azad’s Expertise

Shree Azad Group offers quick, dependable and cost-effective services tailored to the needs of customers. We have a huge fleet of vehicles, a large network, and qualified team at service. Furthermore, the organization’s highly customized service solutions ensure that customers receive accurately what they need. We have some of the best warehouse facilities in the country’s supreme locations that are entirely weather friendly and insured warehouses with truck platform levels at all terminals. ‘Shree Azad Group’ continues to expand brand equity in the Indian Logistics Market, with its headlamps trained on 100% on-time delivery and customer satisfaction.

Discover the difference in our transport services and novel opportunities for your business.

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